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The 7th Gathering of the Entlebuch Cattle Dogs, Podmitrov, 31.8.- 2.9.2018

At the turn of August and September, the 7th Meeting of Entlebuchers was held in Podmitrov. Unlike previous ones, we have not enjoyed the meeting very much this year. Some handicap was the beginning of Barnie's heat, but much worse was my toothache and the subsequent strong edema, which forced us to cut down the program and leave earlier. The event was held in a very nice environment, but the weather did not allow the participants to make full use of it. Fortunately, there was enough room for a "wet" variant inside. The organizers Pavlína, Marcela and Aleš prepared very nice and rich program, including a variant for worse weather. We hope that we have been unlucky only this year and we will enjoy the next meeting without any complications or limitations.

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