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The 8th Gathering of the Entlebuch Cattle Dogs, Malý Ratmírov, 6.- 8.9.2019

The 8th gathering of the Entlebuchs took place at the beginning of September at Malý Ratmírov. This was a special event for us, because we used to go to Malý Ratmírov for many years on holiday with children and the whole extended family. We kept going to small cottages and tried in vain to get to the larger cottages where the same people repeatedly visited them and probably had them “prepaid” for many years in advance. Now, at the meeting of the Entlebuchs, we finally enjoyed this “luxury”. Otherwise, we found everything in the form of thirty years ago: toilets, washrooms, and playgrounds. Even the dining room and meals remained almost unchanged: the only innovation was the buffet breakfast. But some products from thirty years ago were on offer. The place, however, seemed to us even after so many years and visiting beautiful places on different continents still equally beautiful and for the dog meeting this place was ideal.

On the contrary to the heat and droughts of recent years, the weather was the "true Ratmirov weather", as we used to call it because it was common in our old days in this place. Entlebuchs T-shirts could be used only in the dining room due to the weather, outdoors waterproof jackets and boots were suitable, but that did not discourage us from completing the planned outdoor program in full. Thanks to the organizers Pavlína, Marcel and Aleš. At a time when different types of training and competition took place, it rained less. We showed and taught treibball. If, at a time when we were playing soccer and volleyball on local playgrounds and in the meadows, somebody said that we would teach tricolor dogs to push balls at the same place after thirty years, we would have considered him to be crazy.

On Sunday, we all went on a train trip to Strizovice. So many Entlebuchs on the train having only two wagons made the conductor very unhappy, but eventually he earned us one wagon and we could go. The walk led us to familiar places. Unfortunately, here the change was very visible: where there was a beautiful forest thirty years ago, today there are large felled areas or damaged trees.

Our dog Barney from our litter B, who lives on the other end of Ratmírov pond, visited us at Ratmírov. It is always beautiful when the puppy recognizes us after a long time. His mother Aisha was also very happy to see here son again.

Photos: Bohdana Stoklasová, Martin Košťál
© Stoklasovi, 2012