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Treibball Races in Berlin, 13.10.2019

We finished the 2019 racing season in Berlin, and we combined the races with a tour of the city. We stayed in a very nice hotel Morgenland near the venue. We spent the first evening in Berlin together with other competitors at a campfire that we would have not expected in the capital. The weather was beautiful, so sitting outside was very pleasant. The races were held on the training grounds of the Berlin canine club SVB according to the rules of Anja Jakob. Helmut Semmet prepared an interesting program for the second run and the game and together with his team he ensured the perfect organization. At the races I tried the role of writer.

Barnie and Aisha competed with Milan in the highest class TRB 3, where there was very strong competition in Berlin. Barnie won the main race and Aisha placed the 4th, changing the order in the treibball game: Aisha won the game and Barnie placed the 4th. At the races, I personally met several teams that took part in the Treibball Challenge with me, and with a few exceptions, I only knew them from videos.

In the evening after the races we met for a dinner in a pizzeria where we discussed further possible development of treibball races and rules. After the races, we spent one extra day in Berlin - we walked through the centre along the Spree in ideal weather and we liked it very much. Thanks to the fact that Berlin is a green city full of parks, it was enjoyed also by dogs.

Photos: Gerlinde & Petra Borger, Bohdana Stoklasová
Video:   Milan Stoklasa

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