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Treibball Races in Dachau,   29. 10. 2017

We repeated the trip to Germany at the end of October. At the races in Dachau, Aisha and Barnie have worked with numbered balls for the first time. Because it was a new concept demanding for precise navigation, Milan raced with both our females. We entered Aisha for the Class 2 and Barnie for the top Class 3, both in the size category medi. The night before the races, and in the morning of the race day, a strong front accompanied by rains and storms crossed over Germany, so the start of the races was a little thrilling. All morning we waited in the room of our pleasant hotel near the venue of the races, whether the wind would calm down and the races would start. It was not possible to start at 9 am in the morning and it was necessary to postpone the start of the races till 1 am, but it was not necessary to cut the program. Both runs, and the final game were included without any changes. In both runs, the balls were numbered, in the first run they were assembled into a classical pyramid, in the second round in different formations. The times of both rounds were counted together. It was unusual for our dogs to wait for permission to start from the judge behind the top ball. In the final game, the dog handler drew the number of the ball that the dog had to bring to the gate, while the handler had to sit on the bench while navigating and he was not allowed to stand up. Aisha was perfect in both runs, and she won. Barnie had a longer distance and more balls, but she managed even a very complicated formation of the balls and she placed the second. Both females proved to be able to compete at races of a different character than they are accustomed to, and not to get lost in a strong international competition, which made us very happy.

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