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Treibball Races Pesopark II,   7.- 8. 10. 2017

At the beginning of October, the Treibball Races in Pesopark II, completely organized by us, took place in Prague. Because I was the judge there, Milan competed with both our females, Barnie and Aisha. Compared to the spring races, more teams (25) participated this time. We were pleased with the participation of four racing teams from Germany including multiple World Treibball League winners. In addition to the main race, we included two treibball games focusing on distance work – the individual game The Pastures and the team Relay Run, which was the competition of three teams: the Entlebuchers, the Border Collies and the Mix of different breeds. The weather forecast and the weather in the morning just before the races looked terrible, but the rain had stopped just before the races, and the wind slowed down to a force that allowed to open the races with the help of fixing rings. Both our females were very successful even in the in strong international competition. Aisha was twice the first, Barnie twice the third and both helped in the longest runs significantly to the victory of Entlebuchers in the Relay Race. The teams, training with us in Pesopark, made us also very happy. In all classes in which they participated, they won and took other medal positions. The winners received beautiful trophies from Bauer and thanks to generous support from sponsors (Pučálka, Akinu, Obojky, Alavis, Specific and 4dox) also many valuable prizes. Many thanks to Jaroslava Chlumská for the great facilities of Pesopark and Pesobar, offering comfort even in a very bad weather. And many thanks to all the assistants for their help by preparing the playing grounds and all their efforts ensuring a smooth run of the races. Races results.

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