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Treibball Races in Pesopark III, 10.6.2018

At the beginning of June, Treibball Races in Pesopark III took place, for which we provided both the program preparation and the organization. Because I was one of the judges at the races, Milan raced with both our females Barnie and Aisha. Of the 32 applied teams, finally arrived 26. There were 7 German teams, so the competition was very strong, especially in the top TRB 3 class, where participated 8 dogs and 3 Czech dogs raced against 5 German dogs, including the best ones. In addition to the main race, we have prepared one individual Roof 1 game focused on distance work and one team game Roof 2 focused on group collaboration. The weather was far from perfect for the treibball races - during the races it was extremely hot and at the very end the rain complicated announcement of the results. The baked and wet teams survived until the end and the lucky winners divided the beautiful Bauer trophies and the prizes from the generous sponsors Akina, Pučálka, Obojky and MAPES. A lot of trophies and prizes went to Germany, but our dogs stood up with heavy international competition with honors and many trophies and prizes remained at home. Barnie placed in the main race in the TRB 3 L class the 3rd behind two German dogs, Aisha won the game Roof 1 and Barnie placed the 3rd there. The team game Roof 2 won the international MIX composed of different breeds of dogs. The teams that train with us in Pesopark shared most trophies and prizes in the lower classes and made us very happy. We are grateful to Jarka Chlumská for the provision of the Pesopark complex, and we would like to thank our Pesopark treibball team for help with preparation and smooth running of the races. And special thanks go to the family trio Petra, Sarah and Ema Bechtold for the perfect translation of the event into German and other organizational assistance.
Photos: Lucie Vybíralová, Richard Vysloužil, Marcela Kučerová Skalová, Bohdana Stoklasová

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