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WTWL - World Treibball Winter League
October 2018 - February 2019

Barnie and Aisha took part in the 2018-19 season of the World Treibball League, organized by Nancy Tanner (Montana, USA).

The league has a form of the distance tournament. The participants are expected to submit their videos proving their completing of eight tasks (matches). A maximum of two weeks is given to complete each task during which a video must be submitted. The task is then evaluated, and another match is opened. The dogs compete in two categories: beginners A (19 teams in this season) and advanced B (11 teams in this season). The tasks for both categories are similar, the movement of the dog is prescribed, the distance and difficulty differ. Beginners work at a distance of several meters, and the handler can move around the playground. In the advanced category, the handler is out of the playing field, and the dog performs difficult tasks at a distance of up to 25 m. Sometimes, the fluent movement without stopping is required. The race is also demanding on the memory and orientation of the handler in the area, and also his/her other skills (see the videos). Matches are varied, instructive and entertaining.

In this season participated the teams from these countries: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic Germany, New Zealand. Both Barnie and Aisha competed in category B. Barnie was the winner and Aisha placed the 2nd, which made us very happy.

Medal possitions in category B:
    1.   Barnie & Milan Stoklasa,   Malouk & Anja Jacob (Germany)
    2.   Aisha   & Milan Stoklasa,   Flocke   & Helmut Semmet (Germany),   Merlin & Anja Jacob (Germany)
    3.   Milino & Anja Jacob (Germany)

The competition was strong, in the B category participated the European teams that placed on medal positions at all the races in the Czech Republic and Germany, where they participated, in 2018. The World Treibball League has extended our treibball horizons. Watching the work of teams from different continents was very inspiring. We are looking forward to the next season of the League.

Our grandson Jacob (eight years) also tried some matches and he received his honorary certificate for a young handler.

WTL also offers the opportunity to acquire treibball qualifications and titles.

The selection of our WTWL matches:

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