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The 11th Gathering of the Entlebuch Cattle Dogs, Kácov, 2.- 4.9.2022

This year's gathering was held in Kácov, just an hour's drive from our house. This time, others had a long drive, as you can see from the map. The meeting was held in the sports complex, where there were enough space and opportunities for spending nice days for four-legged and two-legged participants of the meeting, including children, of whom there were many this year. We lived in a small cabin and the temperature dropped to 6 degrees of Celsius in the morning, but it was not cold in the warm sleeping bag. The sun came out during the day and the weather was pleasant.

After Friday's introductory evening with competitions, Saturday was also dedicated to various competitions, both individual and team ones. We had a lot of fun and we even were quite successful in some of them.

On Sunday, we all went for a walk to the Sázava river. It was shallow, so it wasn't good for swimming, but getting wet and frolicking in the water was pleasant for the dogs.
Katka, Martin, Vláďa and Irina carefully prepared a rich program for the participants, so the long weekend flew by quickly. It was nice to see old friends, with whom we have met many times at meetings, again after a while, and to meet new entlebuch owners and their dogs.

Photo: Martin Košťál, Bohdana Stoklasová
Video: Bohdana Stoklasová
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