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Czech Treibball Championship, Vícenice, 5.-6.9.2019

The Czech Treibball Championship 2020 (CTCH) took place on September 5-6, 2020 in Vícenice and it was a two-day event. The football playing field and the football complex in Vícenice offered a convenient possibility of accommodation and meals on site.

There used to be something new at every treibball championship. In 2018, it was a new (two-runs) format according to the new rules, in 2019 the distribution of the main race and the game within two days and also an experiment with a game announced only during the event without the possibility of preparation. In 2020, Elisa Corini from Italy came to our races as the first judge from abroad.

The main race was extremely difficult in the second run. Barnie loves big challenges and she won it. She managed a golden hattrick: she added a third title to her two champion titles from 2018 and 2019. Once again, she showed off her favorite high-flying balls, carrying the balls on her back, and how long the Entlebucher Cattle Dog can be. With her performance, she especially impressed the audience from Vícenice, who saw treibball for the first time, much less impressed was her handler. However, she compensated for the time loss and left behind all the Czech and German teams. Unlike her mother, Aisha does not like big challenges very much and she has not defended her double title of first vice-champion this year and she had to settle for a potato medal. On the contrary, the next day, in a challenging treibball game, Aisha was better than Barnie. This time, however, the much bigger Malouk from Germany also had an excellent day, returning the girls the defeats from the last races not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany and Switzerland.

In addition to Barnie in the main race and Aisha in the game, we were also pleased with Zuzana and Cirilla, who train with us in Pesopark. They won the second highest class of TRB 2 at the CTCH.

This year's CTCH was intimate, only 24 teams met at the start: 20 Czech and 4 German teams. The overall results of the races are available here.

Thanks for the beautiful races belong to the carefully prepared racing teams, for the smooth running of the races to all those who took care of them during the preparation and then all day on the spot. The main thanks are due to Věra Janatová and Renata Kolomazníková as the main organizers, as well as skilful bakers from Vícenice and friendly staff at the bar, where there was always something tasty for us. St. Peter also contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of the race, ensuring beautiful weather.

Foto:   R. Kramář, R. Petříková, B. Stoklasová
Video: M. Stoklasa
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