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When Barnie was half a year old, we took her to the training grounds for the first time. We just went to see them, but we immediately took part in the training. She was doing well from the very beginning.

Basic obedience ZOP exam

After half a year she passed the first exam (basic obedience ZOP) with excellent results (she has got 98 points out of the possible 100).

During recent years, Barnie did not attend the training grounds very regularly – we went there just to keep basic obedience and contact with the dogs. Now, together with her daughter Aisha, we started to train more regularly. Sometimes we meet Alex, the brother of Aisha, at the training grounds.

BH exam
In recent years, we have devoted more time to treibball than to obedience, and thus we needed more time to prepare for the next exam. At the end of October 2016, Barnie successfully passed (along with her daughter Aisha) at KK Lety the BH exam.
Foto: Alena Vanžurová, KK Lety.

ZZO1 exam, KK Lety, 27.10.2018

Since the BH exam, a lot of water has passed in the Berounka river because of two reasons: our main priority was treibball and we were not sure, what to do after passing the BH exam. Originally, we wanted to continue with the UPr exams, but the 1 m barrier seemed to be too high for our small Entlebuch females. Finally, we chose ZZO examins and at the end of October, Barnie passed the ZZO1 exam with a very good evaluation and she gained 90 points. 10 points we lost because of the few minor mistakes. We paradoxically lost most of the points during aport, where Barnie's training performance was always perfect.
Photos: Karel Ráž, KK Lety.

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