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The May treibball competition, Brno, 7.5.2016

On 7th May, we attended the treibball races in pleasant surroundings Brezina u Brna. Barnie for the first time competed in the most advanced category TRB L 3 and she won, which was a huge success. Given that Aisha had during her pregnancy and lactation several months break in training, her second place in the category TRB 2 L was also a success. We are delighted with the victory of Ali, who came to us to train. He has started to train treibball only 2 months ago and this was his first race start, but he won the category TRB Z (beginners). At the races we met with the father of our puppies from the litter A (Auksis Interpola) and the litter B (Harry vom Saarnberg). They were also very successful and the Entlebuchers totally dominated in the category TRB 2, and thanks Barnie they won also the highest TRB 3 category.

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