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The Czech Treibball Championship, Heřmanův Městec, 14.9.2019

Czech Treibball Championship 2019 (MR ČR) was held on 14th-15th September in Heřmanův Městec. It was a two-day event: the first day took place the main race, and the next day the treiball game “Show what you can do” was included. The Cynology Club in Heřmanův Městec provided a two-day event with excellent facilities with accommodation and complete meals in the area, and beautiful areas for walking with dogs all around.

31 teams participated at the races: 27 Czech and 4 German teams met at the start. Most of the champions and vice-champions of the Czech Republic from the year 2018, the reigning champion of Germany and the holders of the title High in Northern Hemisphere from the World Treibball League, season 2018-2019 presented themselves at the races. Milan competed with both Barnie and Aisha, I was one of the judges.

Many breeds, both small and large, came to the races.

In the first run, which is the same at all treibball races, the balls were grouped into a classic pyramid and the dogs' task was to start with the top ball and deliver it to the goal, and to continue with the other balls in any order. The second run was focused on the remote control of the dog. The dog had to go around the formation, to go to the desired ball, stop behind the ball, circle balls in the shape of a ring or an eight and deliver the balls in the prescribed order of the gate. Barnie defended in the highest TRB 3 class the title of the Czech champion from the last year and Aisha defended the title of the 1st vice-champion of the Czech Republic. Unlike last year, all German teams were left behind. The overall results of the races are available here .

The Treibball game “Show what you can do” was announced only at the races, so it was not possible to train it in advance. The aim was to check, what each team can do without training and the ability to handle even unknown tasks. Time was a secondary criterion, decisive were the accuracy of the execution, the manner of commanding and the team's interplay. Barnie showed a perfect performance without hesitation in the top class TRB 3, winning the game and proving her victory in the main race was not accidental.

Thanks for the beautiful performances belong to carefully prepared racing teams, for the smooth running of the races to all who took care of them during the preparation and then all day at the place. The main thanks go to Jirka and Marcela Skala as the main organizers. Thanks to the Treibball Club for the contribution to the trophies and the sponsors for nice presents. In addition to ideal weather, good meals in the clubhouse during the whole race, and friendly and helpful staff contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of the races.

Photos: Marcela Kučerová Skalová, Bohdana Stoklasová, Richard Vysloužil

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