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Czech National Treibball Championship , Heroltice 17.9.2017

In September, the first official Czech National Treibball Championship was held in Heroltice. We participated there in more roles: as coorganizers, we prepared and judged one of the treibball games, as racers and coaches. Our game Carousel became very popular among the participants, which pleased us. In the first part of the speed oriented races, both girls made a mistake at the start, and so the second best time of Barnie was not enough for the medal position in a tough competition. On the contrary, in the second part of the race, we were very successful. Aisha won the Carousel game in the TRB2 class and Barnie won it in the top TRB 3 class and they both left behind all home and foreign rivals. Barney was the second in the top class also in the Parcour. Our treibball pupils from Pesopark made us very happy. Baya won the category of beginners in the main race and she was the third in the Carousel and in the Parcour, Jess became the Czech National Champion in the TRB 1 category and he was the second in the Carousel, Coudy was the second in the Parcour and Annie was the third in the Carousel.

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