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Treibball Races - Memorial of Gusta, Heroltice, 13.5.2018

We started our racing season in May, at the Gusta's Memorial in Heroltice. The races were attended by Anja Jakob from Germany with her dogs, so the competition in the TRB 3 L class, where our two females competed, was very strong. Barnie stepped into the new season with a double victory – she won both the main race and the "Numbered Balls" game. Aisha was the fifth in the main race and the sixth in the game. The teams that train with us in Pesopark were very well placed. Zuzka and Cirilla placed twice the second in the TRB 1 L class/category, Veronika and Baya in the same category placed once the third and Jirka and Jess won twice in the category TRB 2L. An interesting game devoted to navigation was also included in the races. The handlers did not navigate their dogs, but other handlers within the team. The game was fun and it showed, that accurate and understandable navigation is really no fun.

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