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Training weekend on Pecka, 26-29.4.2018

At the end of April, as in the previous year, we prepared a program for the treibbal team for an extended spring training weekend on Pecka. This year, there were only Entlebuchers in the treibball team. Of the total of 9 Entlebuchers, there were 8 females and just one male. Some of the more advanced graduates of previous courses came, but most of the team were beginners. All the teams were very smart. During the extended weekend, all beginners got the basics of pushing the balls and target work. We are delighted that most of the participants decided to continue in systematic treibball training either in our treibball courses in Pesopark, or in the courses given by our advanced pupils in Pardubice. The weather was rather summer, but temperatures were not as high to prevent us from doing all day training. In addition to the treibball, the entire treibball team tested in the concluding fun competition a track consisting of slalom, a hurdle, obstacle, and tunnel, the beginning of which all treibball tems had to pass with the gymballs. The extended training weekend has as always been prepared perfectly by Jana and Pavel Pecenka. For all participants, the benefit is not only to learn something, but a several days joint stay among more than a hundred participating dogs is excellent opportunity for socialization.
Photos: jimhafan, Klára Cimburová

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