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Czech Treibball Championship 2022, Bystřice nad Olší, 10.-11. 9. 2022

This year, the Czech National Treibball Championship was held for the first time in the North Moravia, and it was organized by the Treibball North training group, under the leadership of Petra Křižánková and Markéta Kufová. The girls managed their premiere perfectly and I was glad that I could contribute to the smooth running of the event in the role of goal judge. For the two days event, the advantage of its location on the premises of the football club in Bystřice was, in addition to the perfect lawn, accommodation and restaurant right at the venue. It was evident that the races had been prepared with great care, so St. Peter, who threatened heavy rain on the day of the races, apparently finally decided not to spoil the races for us.

The races were two days long, the first day was the race and the second day were the exams.
Milan raced with Aisha in the highest TRB 3 L class, and they won the Championship. Milan thus defended the title of the Champion of the Czech Republic from 2021 with Aisha, and after Barnie's three championship titles from 2018-20, it was already his fifth championship trophy in a row. But as it is true that even the champions sometimes make serious mistakes, Milan did not do well with Barnie in the TRB 2 L class this year. They were second in the FAST run, but in the SMART run, Milan followed up Barnie's mistake with a navigation mistake, so this time they did not reach the medal position in the sum of both runs. The teams that train with us in Pesopark also made us happy. In the TRB 1 class, Pavla and Šon won, Jirka and Pretty won the "potato" medal. Since the races were far away, the team from Pesopark was small this time, but very successful. The teams that train with Pavla at her school Ťapka also took part in the competition and took first and second places in the beginner class.

The next day both girls completed their exams with excellent evaluation, Aisha in TRB 3 class and Barnie in TRB 2 class.

After the races and exams, we still took advantage of the pleasant accommodation and great food in Bystřice and stayed until the next day. We met Adar from our litter A, who lives nearby. Due to the distance, we have not seen him since he left our house as the puppy. He has grown up a lot since then, he really is a very big dog. We were pleased that even in his veteran age, Adar is still a beautiful, and above all, a healthy dog. The following day we went to the Leaning Church and its surroundings to the places described in the book of the same name and to Dolní Vítkovice.

Photo:   Bohdana Stoklasová, Milan Stoklasa
Video:   Milan Stoklasa
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