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Our Breeding Principles

Our female Barnie has already died and Aisha is in veteran age, so we do not plan puppies.

Our main priority is the health of the puppies throughout their lives. We will therefore always look for a stud dog with prcd PRA A; we are also interested in hip-test results, the results of the examination of the ureters and ophthalmological examination.

The character of the stud dog is important for us. We will always prefer a dog that we could get to know in advance.

With respect to the external features of the descendants, we pay attention to the exhibition results of the stud dog. Working results and performance exams are an added value.

We breed puppies in a house with a direct access to the garden and forest, where they can (depending on the season of the year and the weather) begin to discover the world around them roughly at the age of five weeks. In the early phase of socialising, we provide them with immediate contact not only with adults but also with children, including very small ones.

The puppies may be picked up at our kennel in the ninth week of age. They are handed over on the basis of a contract. At that time, they have already been wormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. They have been fully socialised, and in order for the new owners and the puppies to be spared unpleasant surprises on the way to the new home, the puppies will have experienced riding in a car and walking on a leash.

From the fourth week, our puppies are given additional food and gradually introduced to mixed feeding in the form of boiled meat and side dishes and in the form of granules for the new owner to be able to choose what to feed his doggie from then on.

We are interested in the fate of "our" puppies also after we hand them over to the new owners. We will therefore gladly provide advice, help and we are interested in the information on their further life – not only the results from exhibitions and training grounds but also on the common everyday pleasures and worries that they bring to their new homes.

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