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The TRB Championship, Radíkov, 27.-29.5.2016

We spent the last May weekend in the beautiful environment of the Czech Canada. We took part at the event called “The Treibball Championship - Serial 2016” on which we have participated as organizers and we also have prepared the website of the event: www.zlesnizahrady.cz/treibball/radikov2016/vstup.html. The treibball weekend included the common training on Saturday and the treibball competition on Sunday. We both participated together with our two Entle females in the competition. In addition, I have tried the roles of the treibball trainer and judge for the first time. The first day of training attracted mostly the beginners, but there were also more advanced competitors. The participants were divided into small groups and they had the opportunity to train alternately with both trainers. Races were compared to those hold in major cities intimate, but they offered "all-star" cast. The main race was followed by three treibball games: The Clocks, the Labyrinth and the Duel. Both our girls have performed in both the main race and the treibball games perfectly. Barnie won the main race in the top category TRB 3 L and Aisha was the third in the category TRB 2 L. Both females were placed on the medal positions also in treibball games - Aisha was the third in the game Clock, Barnie the second in the game Labyrinth and the third in the game Duel. The May Czech Canada created for the event gorgeous scenery and also the weather worked for us and thus the treibball weekend was a success in every way.

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