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The TRB Championship, Radíkov, 9.-11.9.2016

The second weekend in September, the second part of the Treibball Championship was held in Radíkov. Finally, it was not a championship, but the intensive training, in which we participated as organizers and trainers. A number of competitors renounced participation at the last moment, and thus we have decided, in agreement with the remaining participants, mostly beginners, to cancel the races and devote also the second day to training. The two-day training provided enough space for practicing various treibball elements. The group of advanced dogs had a rich program with many obstacles and other tools. The repertoire of exercises for beginners is somewhat monotonous and thus we enriched it with inspirational commented demos of work of dogs racing in the highest classes and various obstacles that beginners used partially without the ball. Beautiful weather made it possible to include in the program also demonstrations and training of watertreibball. The fact that it is a very specific discipline, which have also experienced dogs start from scratch, has been seen during the training of Barnie and Aisha very clearly and finally the mistress had to swim and help them to deliver the balls to the bank. Participation of dogs racing in different classes allowed to test some new treibball elements on different levels and fix them with an adequate degree of difficulty. Different breeds participated at the training. They all enjoyed it very much, they all made big progress and decided to continue.

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