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Icy Treibball 2022, Tachyon Aréna, Čerčany, 20. 02. 2022

The beautiful and comfortable Tachyon Sport Arena has extended the treibball racing season by the winter months. In February, Icy Treibball followed up on the November races at the same place.

25 teams met at the races. Aisha and Barnie showed very nice and balanced performances in both runs. Barnie had much younger and bigger competitors in the TRB 2 L class, but this time she beated them and won. Aisha was alone again in the top class TRB 3 L. Older experienced dogs are already racing in the lower classes and our young treibball hopes are not experienced enough for the TRB 3 class. Other teams from Pesopark were also very successful. In the TRB 1 L class, Pavla and Šon won, and Jirka and Pretty placed the second, just behind them. Karolína and Cappi won in the TRB 1 S class. Teams from Pesopark won in all race classes. Diana and Freya and Eva and Ellie added two second places in the beginners' class, so we are definitely a very good team. Věra Janatová and Renata Kolomazníková prepared the races very nicely. The main judge was Monika Kalábová, I was the goal judge and the timekeeper.

Mandy Gedig from Germany also took part in the race with her daughter Lana and their two dogs.
Photo:     B. Stoklasová, M. Stoklasa
Video:  M. Stoklasa
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