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Results Summary:
Interchampion, Czech Champion, Hungarian Champion, Czech Veteran Champion,
BOV-2x, BOB-7x, BOS-2x, CACIB-8x, Res.CACIB-2x, National Winner, CAC-11x, Res.CAC-3x

Special Club Exhibition of Swiss Mountain Dogs, Zárybničná Lhota - Knížecí rybník, 25.5.2022

We enrolled Barnie in the honorary class. The judge was thrilled by her appearance, condition and temperament. Even at her advanced age, she received excellent evaluation and beautiful reviews. The breeder cannot wish more than such an opinion and praise of the judge for excellent care of the dog.

XXXVII. International Dog Exhibition PRAGUE EXPO DOG, Praha, 30. 11. 2019

Barnie competed in the veteran class, where she got the Excellent 1 evaluation and the BOV title. She fulfilled conditions for awarding the title Czech veteran champion. In the afternoon competitions Barnie represented in the veterans her breed among other breeds, but here usually the Entlebucher , which is neither big enough, nor small enough, nor carefully combed, has no chance among other breeds, which was confirmed this time.

Special Club Exhibition of Swiss Mountain Dogs, Zárybničná Lhota - Knížecí rybník, 25.5.2019

Barnie competed in veteran class, which she won not only in females but also overall and got the title BOV. The judge praised her extraordinary appearance and temperament due to her age. We were also pleased by Barney from our litter B, who inherited from grandmother Barnie not only appearance but also temperament, which he showed in the results announcement. In the heavily occupied open class he won and got V1, very nice evaluation and the title CAC.

Special Club Exhibition of Swiss Mountain Dogs, Zárybničná Lhota - Knížecí rybník, 12.5.2018

Barnie competed for the first time in the veteran class. She won in the females and she got a very nice rating. The judge appreciated her still very nice look and condition.

Special Club Exhibition of Swiss Mountain Dogs, Zárybničná Lhota - Knížecí rybník, 27.5.2017

Barnie competed in the honorable class and she received the Excellent 2 evaluation and a very nice review. Her descendants were also very successful at the exhibition. Her daughter Aisha z Lesní zahrady was 4th in the Champion class (Excellent 4), her grandson Barney z Lesní zahrady, who is very alike Barnie, ranked the third with Excellent 3 evaluation in the Junior class, and her granddaughter Bella z Lesní zahrady ranked the first in the Junior class and with her Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS was the best of all females at the exhibition.

Special Club Exhibition of Swiss Mountain Dogs, Jedovnice, 17.9.2016

Barnie competed in the honor class and she got the evaluation Excellent 1. The judge really liked her and she was sorry that she can give her no titles in the honor class.

Czech Mountain Dogs Club Exhibition, Jedovnice, 12.9.2015

At this year's club exhibition, there were many participants in all classes. In the champion class, where competed Barnie, were presented 5 females. Barnie ranked second and she has got the res.CAC. Her daughter Aisha z Lesni zahrady ranked second (of six) and she has got Res.CAC in the open class.

Czech National Dog Show, Mladá Boleslav, 19.7.2015

Barnie competed in the winner class and she got the evaluation Excellent 2, Res.CAC.

International Exhibition, DUO CACIB BRNO, Brno, 7.2.2015

Interchampion Title, 19.3.2014


International Exhibition DANUBE Duo CACIB Bratislava, Slovakia, 26.-27.10.2013

International Exhibition DUO CACIB Komárom, Hungary, 19.-20.10.2013

Special Exhibition and Gathering of Young Dogs, Knížecí rybník - Zárybničná Lhota, 21.-22.9.2013

Barnie ranked third in the champion class at the exhibition. From her Litter A two females Aila and Aisha participated at the Gathering of Young Dogs in South Bohemia (the rest of puppies seated in Northern Moravia will come probably to Rožnov). Both Aila and Aisha have got an excellent evaluation.

International Exhibition DUO CACIB BLED, Slovenia, 15.-16.6.2013

International Exhibition DOUBLE CACIB Praha, 3.11.2012

Czech Champion Title, 16.10.2013


International Exhibition, České Budějovice, 14.10.2012

Special Exhibition, Knížecí rybník - Zárybničná Lhota, 22.9.2012

International Exhibition Interdog Bohemia, Mladá Boleslav, 26.8.2012

National Exhibition, Klatovy, 1.7.2012

Breed Evaluation , Mladá Boleslav, 24.3.2012

Special Exhibition, Knížecí rybník - Zárybničná Lhota, 1.10.2011

Special Exhibition, Rožnov p.Radhoštěm, 7.5.2011

Gathering of young dogs, KŠSP, Zárybničná Lhota, 3.10.2010

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