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TREIBBALL EUROPEAN CUP, Tachyon Sport Arena, Čerčany, 5. - 7. 8. 2022

Treibball European Cup was organized by treibball teams from Moravia in Tachyon Sport Arena. We diligently prepared for the event. One training session took place at our Forest Garden and we also prepared in the Tachyon Sport Arena.
35 teams from 3 countries took part in the Treibball European Cup (in addition to the Czech teams, there were also teams from Germany and Hungary). It was a three-day event. An outdoor training was scheduled for the first day, but it had to be cancelled due to extreme heat. All other events took place in the air-conditioned hall, which was a great advantage considering the prevailing heats.

On the first day, individuals competed. The competition was strong and a perfect performance in both runs was necessary for the medal positions. In the individual competition, Barnie (Level III) performed perfectly in both runs and she won convincingly. Aisha (level IV) made a mistake in the first run, and even though she was the best in the second run, she could not make up the time lost in the strong competition and had to settle for the 4th place. We were pleased with the beautiful placement of other teams from Pesopark in the lower classes.

After the individual competition, team representatives drew numbers and colours for the following day, when the team competition was scheduled. The team competition was very exciting until the last moment. In the first run, our teams made a few mistakes and didn't start from ideal positions, but in the second run all of them gave great performances, and on the contrary, the competitors made more mistakes. In the end, Aisha and Pretty, who trains with us in Pesopark, won over the German-Hungarian team in the team competition. Barnie and Šon, who also train with us in Pesopark, placed the 3rd.

The races were excellently prepared in all respects, for the work done long before the races, during them and after them, a big thank you goes especially to Věra Janatová and Renata Kolomazníková. I was glad that I could contribute to the smooth running of the races in the role of line judge.
Results – individuals
Results – teams
Photo:   Bohdana Stoklasová, Renata Petříková
Video:   Milan Stoklasa
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